In a few words, can you introduce your company and yourself?

I am Armin Towfigh Nia, Co-Founder of Evitat, a seasoned entrepreneur and leadership expert with experience building teams for both international expansions and local operations. I love coming up with new ideas to make people’s lives easier and have extensive experience in the startup sector, from launching to scaling successful companies. I have spent most of my career leading teams that do this work at digital B2C/B2B and SaaS businesses in Europe, Australia & New Zealand. Most recently, I founded with two other Co-Founders Evitat with the vision of making homes sustainable for a liveable and regenerative future.

What problem are you solving?

Evitat educates, enlightens, and empowers renovators to build homes that are good for themselves and society. Our mission is to deliver sustainable choices, advice, and solutions through a Direct-to-Consumer platform to create the best renovation experience for the conscious renovator, unlock an untapped consumer market, and help mitigate our homes’ negative impact on people and the planet.  Our platform allows a lifelong relationship with the conscious renovator, suppliers and experts focusing on passive houses, solar energy, sustainable products or building materials.

Any thoughts on the Digital / Tech ecosystem and community in Melbourne?

I recently spent some weeks in Germany and noticed how advanced the digital and tech ecosystem is in Australia. Melbourne and Sydney are the time ahead. For example, normal things in our life like paying our bills or checking out at grocery stores using just a smartphone app or a watch is not very common in Germany. In some parts, people still need to use cash for everyday transactions. When I told my friends in my hometown, Frankfurt, about Mr Yum and ordering meals over a QR code, their minds were blown.

What’s the biggest challenge for Australian startups in your opinion?

The startup scene and network in Australia have been growing exponentially over the past 10 years.  From 0 to 10, it’s now at a 5! There are so many good programs for startup founders to navigate through this very challenging path of being an entrepreneur. When starting a business venture, it is important to be aware of the many options available. Startup founders can choose from programs that support their entrepreneurial journey like mentorships and incubators as well as resources for legal advice on how best to protect themselves in this competitive market environment.

The struggle to get the talent and appropriate people is one of today’s biggest challenges in Australia. The border restrictions have really put us in a tough spot over the last two years.

What technology are you most looking forward to becoming mainstream in the next few years?

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic these days, it’s impact on our everyday life will be significant in the coming years. Whether in the building, property, finance, cyber or health industry, Artificial intelligence will and has already paved its way across those industries.

Additionally, 3D printing and Blockchain will be impacting our lives over the next decade. These technologies have so much potential to improve many aspects of life, such as transportation or production lines in industries like medical engineering!

Any tips on building successful / cohesive teams and/or culture?

It’s not a secret that great company culture drives business success. Teamwork is one of our company’s key pillars. We believe collaboration & cooperation are essential for any team or organisation to succeed in competitive industries!

Also making work more fun with a purpose. The belief our people have in what we are trying to achieve with our business. That is why we aim to become a Certified Pending B Corp this year. If Evitat is committed to doing something good, then we think B Corp can track and monitor our culture and impact. Being a B Corp means that we are the future and it should help attract and retain top talent..

What’s on your record table / Spotify at the moment?

Current top 3:
1. Simon Green aka Bonobo (Great for working in the evening)
2. Nina Simone (The best!!!)
3. Guru Jazzmatazz (All time fav)

Favourite cocktail / drink?

Whiskey Sour (very old school. I know :))

What are the three most valuable/most used apps on your phone?

1. Slack
2. Gpay
3. Spotify
4. Kicker (App, a German Football Online platform. It’s my favourite one 🙂