A few words to introduce your company and yourself?
Relevant to my appointment as Chief Strategy Officer at Mogul, I was formerly a player for Australia’s then top-ranked Counter-Strike team, as well co-founder and part owner of Australia’s first esports bar. Mogul, put simply, is a platform for the running of esport tournaments: everything from bracket establishment, match resulting, and automatic prize pool distribution.

What problem are you solving?
Mogul provide’s a critical piece of infrastructure required for esport event organisers and league operators to reduce operational overheads, improve efficiencies, and deliver a better player experience.

What’s the biggest challenge for Australian start-ups in your opinion?
Funding in Australia remains more of a challenge than it is elsewhere. Of course, the best startup is the one you own, without interference – thus, Australia’s conservative investment landscape provides a greater incentive to bootstrap good ideas yourself, and be the major beneficiary of success.

What technology are you most looking forward to becoming mainstream in the next few years?
If by next few years we mean 3-5, I’m still hopeful we’ll see a personal computing paradigm shift with AR HMDs.

Any tips on building successful / cohesive teams?
Set a policy that team members are not allowed to set a morning alarm. Everyone is more productive when they’ve had enough sleep.

What’s on the record table  / Spotify at the moment?
Mostly variants of white noise, as I have a 7 month old girl at home. Otherwise, Roisin Murphy and Calvin Johnson.

Favourite cocktail / Drink?
Sazerac. Cognac, not rye.

Other than your own, what are the three most valuable/most used apps on your phone?
Discord, Uber Eats, and Sparrow Flights.