In your own words, can you introduce your company and yourselves?

My name is Nel, and I am the founder and CEO of More Good Days. My background is a mix of commercial (ex-BCG consultant) and clinical research (leading multidisciplinary teams to translate science to new innovations).

At More Good Days, we help people living with chronic pain get their lives back. Our small team of 3 is growing to 8 and we are looking for others who are excited about having a mammoth impact in shaping the product, direction, and potential of a super early-stage company.

What problem are you solving?

Only 10% of people living with chronic pain have access to information and therapy that can significantly improve their quality of life. We are digitising evidence-based specialist pain care so everyone that needs it can have access.

Any thoughts on the Digital / Tech Melbourne (Sydney, Brisbane etc.) ecosystem and community?

Melbourne’s tech ecosystem is vibrant, creative and purpose-driven. We have what it takes to create leading global tech companies solving real problems in innovative ways that aren’t just copying what already exists someplace else in the world.

What’s the biggest challenge for Australian start-ups inyour opinion?

Australia is a lucky country, which I see as both a blessing and a curse! One challenge that comes to mind is that most of us are too comfortable to take giant leaps and risks required to build great, high-growth companies.

What technology are you most looking forward to becoming mainstream in the next few years?

Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs). It’s been used so far to control technology (e.g. prosthetics) with the mind, as therapy for brain disorders, for regulating and influencing dreams… so much to be excited about!

Do you have any tips/insights on building successful/cohesive teams?

Well, this will be my first time creating a team… and I plan on approaching it as I do in all other areas of work and life - with empathy, humility and deep curiosity.

What’s on your record table/ Spotify at the moment?

Perhaps a little embarrassing but Midnights (3AM Edition) by t-swizzle

What’s your Favourite cocktail/drink?

Mezcal sour for the cold. A hazy pale ale when it’s warm!

What are the three most valuable/most-used apps on your phone?

Instagram – only because I’m one of those shameless insta dog mums! (see @jordiethepup)

Kindle – I can’t sleep without reading fiction