What’s your name?

Reuben Jamieson

What do you do at AllSquares?

Currently learning to be a Delivery consultant, looking to move as quickly as I can into a full recruiter role

Why AllSquares?

After years in hospitality and some time thinking about what I am to do with my life, I was put onto AllSquares by a mate of mine in the hope I would find a company and career that suited me. From the get-go Danny and Jules seem like my kind of people. They are easy going, hardworking and into the same things I am into. Sport, dogs, a few drinks and a laugh. Although recruitment has never been on my radar, I am so keen to learn from the crew and find out for myself, what I can achieve in an industry that really suits me to a T. Lots of coffees and talking to people, that’s what I’m good at.

3 apps you can’t live without?

After much deliberation and the firm belief, I could live without all apps, I have chosen 3.
1) Spotify
I listen to music as much as I can. Nothing can sway my mood like music can and one of the big highlights of working in a café was the days and days of music I got to sing and dance along to.
2) BOM weather app
Who doesn’t need to know when you are going to get rained on? Especially important after I converted to an inner-city guy without a car, getting wet on a bike is not the best.
3) Gmail
This is the app where most of my business this year has gotten done. Emails are constantly coming in and out of this app and without it I would be more disconnected to my professional life than I could ever be.

Like I said, I think that I could live without any apps on my phone, maybe except for Spotify

Footy team? Sports?

I am a real sport tragic. I grew up supporting Essendon in the AFL, watching every game of Australian cricket that I could and since high school have followed the NBA and NCAA basketball every year. Although I don’t particularly follow a basketball team, I just love watching the game, I think that it is a great mix of finesse and power and the athletes in the NBA are world class
My real love is cricket. I play every summer for Camberwell Magpies Cricket Club and put more hours than one should into trying to be the best player I can be both on and off the ground. I also watch as much test cricket as I can, any level where the players are in white is my niche. I just love it.

Last 3 records you listened to?

Malibu – Anderson Paak
DAMN – Kendrick Lamar
In transit – Trippin Jaguar

Favourite drink?

I’ve never said no to a beer, preferably an XPA
That being said, a bloody Mary is my favorite breakfast drink and something like a spiced rum and dry or dark and stormy is my go-to sweeter one.

Favourite food?

I am famously un-picky in my family, there is nothing that I don’t eat or don’t like. Give me Mexican, Italian or a good roast any day of the week and you’ll see a Happy Reuben