Kolmeo started their history as Agentplus, a Property Management Software Business servicing real estate agencies since 2005.

The business is part of The Little Group and their chairman is visionary entrepreneur, Paul Little AO who has launched numerous successful businesses. Paul has also more recently focussed his passion for building businesses in the startup community through the work he does as chairman of startup accelerator Skalata Ventures.

Rebranding to Kolmeo In March 2020, the team came together at their annual kickoff and rebranded to Kolmeo. Their new name is Finnish for ‘triangle’ and represents how they’re designing the new platform with three core groups in mind – tenants, owners and property managers.

Property management is a tough gig for property managers and it’s not a great experience for tenants or owners either, so the Kolmeo team are driven by their purpose of balancing the needs of all three and making it possible to love renting, owning and managing property.

The new brand serves a few uses – it signals in the new Kolmeo direction and way of working, and it also sets the course for a new build of the product due to be released this year. The team have been working on this rebuild since late 2019 and they’ve worked with us on a number of key hires, building out the architecture, engineering, data and automation teams.

The new platform is all around reimagining property management and what it could feel like for a new breed of property managers as well as their tenants and owners. It’s designed as the core platform for property managers, tenants and owners, integrating other systems so that everything is available on Kolmeo. This brings together all the individual tasks a property manager might need to perform in order to complete their work, so it saves switching between systems many times over the course of a single day.

Additionally, the team are designing with advanced AI so that the platform learns and understands how property managers work and to ease any of their day-to-day stress in quite a personalised way. The result? The property manager is free to enjoy richer human connections and finally love their job in property management.

The team take a mobile-first approach and have their hands on the latest tech, using React Native, GraphQL and Microsoft Azure to its fullest extent in designing the platform for future scalability. What a cool space to play in and deliver an entirely unexpected experience!

Plans for the future The new Kolmeo product is currently in development, set to go live later this year, starting with the migration of customers and going to market to win lots of new ones.

We’re really excited we’ve been able to partner with them on their talent strategy and we can’t wait to see the new product hit the market.